Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011


Come and join our promo on www.cavalliwholesale.com get our great offer just minimum buy 2 item in the below (u can mixed the item) u will get PROMO price... :) comee onnnn... check it out now.. we just have limited stcok girlzzz HURRY UP :)

                                                 T008 Brown PROMO Price IDR 70.000
                                                            also available in grey color

                                                 T813 BLACK PROMO Price IDR 120.000
                                                  also available in white color and grey color

                                              T1001 YELLOW PROMO Price IDR 108.000,-
                                                also available in brown color and blue color

                                                 T6005 BROWN PROMO Price IDR 90.000,-
                                                    also available in black color and white

                                                 UPPER FLOWER PROMO Price IDR 90.000,-

                                                   MOVIE PIX PROMO Price IDR 80.000,-

                                           JUMBO SIZE PIC GIRL PROMO Price IDR 110.000,-

                                         JUMBO SIZE PIC BAG PROMO Price IDR 110.000,-

Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

I'm newbe in blog.. ^^

wholesale Cavalli is one of the online fashion boutique that can be believed. We sell a variety of fashion needs for women such as handbags, fashion clothes, nightgowns and belt. All products imported directly from HongKong and China with good quality and price is very cheap. We also accept purchase in small quantities or large quantities. purchases at wholesale prices should be with a minimum purchase of IDR 500.000, - 
ordering goods can be done in www.cavalliwholesale.com..
payment is made with full payment before the goods are shipped, via bank transfer BCA or Bank Mandiri.
more info can contact our staff via yahoo messenger or email  to


                                            pic (1)  T5093 (Replica Mulberry) IDR 208.000,- 

                                                        pic (2) T083 Brown IDR 138.000

                                                         pic(3) T342 Brown IDR 153.000,-